2mm T-Trim Edging Groover

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2mm T-trim Edging Groover (router bit)
Quality hard wearing carbon steel 2mm T-Trim Edging Groover / router bit specifically designed and custom made for our t-trim edging, table trim edging & door edging installation in motorhomes , Caravans & your own van conversions.
This is a 50mm shaft to utilise the full depth within your router keeping it solid for a precision cut.( not to be confused with the cheaper 35mm shaft) With a 1/4 inch shank.
Just cut the groove and knock the t-trim, table trim edging or door edging straight in.
Dimensions A=26mm B=2mm C=1/4 Inch D=50MM

2mm t-trim edge groover

Comes complete with storage case. 




1 review for 2mm T-Trim Edging Groover

  1. David walker

    Great little tool of good quality

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