Thetford N3080


Thetford’s latest and most compact absorption refrigerator. This refrigerator with electric ignition can even work using only gas – without being electrically connected.

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  • Control panel: LED
  • Dimensions incl. depth door (H x W x D) : 821 x 486 x 543 mm
  • Door shape : Flat framed 30 mm
  • Energy consumption **2.4 kWh/24h
  • Energy consumption gas**240 g/24h
  • Freezer volume10 L
  • Net weight: 22.5 Kg
  • Refrigeration technology Single pressure absorption refrigerator
  • Total volume incl. freezer 81 L
  • Type of refrigerant –Ammonia
  • Wheel arch model –Yes
  • Refrigerator doors can be converted to right doors with the door swing kit (is included).
  • Average energy consumption at an ambient temperature of 25ºC.


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