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Rokk Hidden Waterproof Wireless Phone Charger


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This is a great way to add a convenient and stylish phone charging point, whilst keeping your worktop uncluttered. Simply etch in your logo to identify the charge location. Ideal for GRP or wood, you can install under tables, cabinets, consoles, worktops, etc. so easy to install and works with a variety of panel depths and materials.  Fast charge technology and does away with the need for obtrusive cables.

 Requires a router to create the undercounter pocket.

  • 12/24V systems
  • IPX6 waterproof sealed unit
  • Foreign object detection
  • Thermal management system
  • UV stable
  • QI certified
  • Marine grade materials
  • No sealant required

Works with a variety of mobile phones that use NFC charging – please check your phone’s compatability.


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