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Sargent PX-300 Intelligent leisure Battery Charger


This air cooled unit is idea as a replacement for many makes and models of charger, and is also suitable for new installations.
The PX300 comes with a short adaptor cable which matches the 12V connector on many Nordelettronica charger units. This cable can also be used with 6.3mm female spade terminals.
A short 230V mains cable is also supplied, for connection to a 5A fused 230V supply.

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Input: 230V AC 50Hz 3A
Output: 13.6 to 14.4V DC 300W
Dimensions: 240 x 135 x 48mm (excluding connectors)
Weight: 1.18 Kg
Mating Input Connector: JST L-Connector plug with pins
Mating Output Connector: Molex HNF plug
Approvals: IEC 60335-2-29:2003, IEC 60335-1:2001


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