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Truma ultrastore


The gas/electric boiler  has an electric heating element that heats the water even faster. It reduces heating up time from 30 minutes in gas mode to 15 minutes in mixed mode – for example, when heating water from 15°C to 70°C.
When the water is hot, you can take a long shower with ample time to soap yourself. When the Truma gas boiler is running, water is continuously reheated while you are showering. This means that a second person can shower immediately afterwards.
  • Insulation prevents heat loss
  • Additional electric heating element (optional)
  • High pressure resistance of the Truma gas water heater (all submersible and pressure pumps up to 2.8 bar can be used)
  • Safety ensured with electronic control components and over pressure valve
  • Stainless steel container

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Energy sources : Propane / butane
Power supply : 230 V ~. 50 Hz
Output of electric heating element : 850 W / 1300 W
Gas output : 1500 W
Power consumption (at 230 V) : 3.7 A / 5.7 A
Water capacity : 10 litres
Heating time : from approx. 15 °C to approx. 70 °C: approx. 31 min. (gas mode) approx. 29 min. (electric mode) approx. 16 min. (mixed mode)
Gas consumption :120 g/h
Weight empty : approx. 7.4 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) : 350 x 350 x 320 mm
Power consumption (at 12 V) : Ignition: 0.16 A Heating: 0.12 A Stand-by: 0.05 A
Temperature limit ; 70 °C
Pump pressure : max. 2.8 bar
System pressure : max. 4.5 bar


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