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130W Monocrystalline Solar kit


This high efficiency Monocrystalline 130W solar charging kit is ideal to provide free electricity for charging 12V batteries to your Campervan, motorhome or boat.

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Solar kit includes

  • 1 x Monocrystalline Solar Panel 130W 12V
  • 1 x Single Battery Controller 10A – 12V/24V (upgrade available)
  • 1 x 6m Extension Cable & Connectors
  • 1 x Set 4 Corner Mounts- White or Black
  • 1 x ABS Cable Entry Cover

Solar Panel Specifications

  • Product Code. 14944
  • Max Power. 130W ± 3%
  • Max Power Voltage. 17.6V
  • Max Power Current. 6.80A
  • Open Circuit Voltage. 21.V
  • Short Circuit Current. 7.08A
  • Normal Operating Cell Temp. -45 to 80°C
  • Max System Voltage. DC1000V
  • Weight. 9.2 Kg
  • Dimensions. 664 x 1179 x 35mm

Solar Performance Guarantee

  • 5 Years Manufacturers Warranty
  • 10 Years Warranty 90% Power Output
  • 20 Years Warranty 80% Power Output

With a 130W Solar Power Caravan & Motorhome Kit you could expect to generate around 37 amps per day when used in conjunction with the Single Battery Controller supplied with the kit as standard. This figure is the same when used in conjunction with the upgrade option of a Dual Battery Controller, however the MPPT Dual & Single Battery Controller upgrade options offer 10%-30% more solar power generation depending on the solar panel specifications, in short the higher the solar panels open circuit voltage (Voc) the harder an MPPT Controller works to maximise the power generated. With this 130W Kit that equates to around 43 amps per day with an MPPT solar controller during the summer months.

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